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Alzano Empire (アルザーノ帝国, Aruzāno Teikoku) is a country that is located on the northwest edge of the North Selford Continent (北セルフォード大陸, Kita Serufōdo Tairiku). The Alzano Empire is most well-known as a country of major magical power and typically has temperate marine climate. It is roughly divided into the Iteria region (イテリア地方, Iteria-chihō) on the north and the Yorkshire region (ヨクシャー地方, Yokushā-chihō) on the south.

History Edit

It is said to be a place where super magic civilization existed since ancient times before the late period (taking place 8000 to 4000 years before the Sacred Calendar), and ruins and inscriptions remained in various places nowadays.

The founders of the Alzano Empire's royal family shared the same genealogy as that of the royal family of the neighboring nation Rezalia Kingdom. As a result of this, two nations would often have disputes regarding the legitimacy of rule and the ranking of authority between each nation. To make matters worse, the Imperial Church, which guaranteed the legitimacy of the royal family's rule, had branded the inner circle of the Holy Elizareth Church, who were the legitimate successors of the Rezalia Kingdom, as heretics. As a result of this, the relations between the two churches were strained.

In the midst of these circumstances, Princess Ermiana was born with a supernatural ability. To avoid the second Divine Reverence War, three years prior to the series, the Empress and Imperial Government, who were obligated to support the nation and protect its people, were forced to announce that the princess had died from sickness- in fact, sent her to one of noble houses, Fibel Family.[1]

Location Edit

Fejite Edit

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Fejite (フェジテ, Fejite) is the continental leading academic city located in the Yorkshire region.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Edit

Main article: Alzano Imperial Magic Academy

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy (アルザーノ帝国魔術学院, Aruzāno Teikoku Majutsu Gakuin) is the most prominent and famed magical academy in the world.

Melgalius' Sky Castle Edit

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The Melgalius' Sky Castle (メルガリウスの天空城, Merugariusu no Tenkūjō) is a huge floating castle, appears in sky above Fejite. It's served as one of noble symbols of the city.

Seahawk Edit

Seahawk (シーホーク, Shīhōku) is an essential trading base in a port town which is the gateway to the Yorkshire region in the southwest of Fejite.

Cineria Island Edit

Cineria Island (サイネリア島, Saineria-Tō) is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the Empire, having temperate climate all year due to the relationship with the spirit.

Imperial Platinum Magic Laboratory Edit

Imperial Platinum Magic Laboratory (帝国白金魔導研究所, Teikoku Hakkin Madō Kenkyūjo) is a laboratory of platinum surgery built in Cineraria Island. Because of its characteristics which fresh life mana is needed, the inside of the laboratory is like a "water temple".

Orlando the Imperial Capital Edit

Orlando the Imperial Capital (帝都オルランド, Teito Orurando) is the capital of the Empire, located in the Iteria region.

Saint Lily Magic Girls' Academy Edit

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Saint Lily Magic Girls' Academy (聖リリィ魔術女学院, Sei Riryi Majutsu Jogakuin) is a private all girls' magic academy located in the lake region Lilitania (リリタニア, Riritania), northwest of the imperial capital of Orlando.

References Edit

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