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"The Unmotivated Bastard"
やる気のないロクでなし '
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Corresponding Light Novel Volume 1
Corresponding Manga Volume 1, up to Lecture II
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Japanese April 4, 2017
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Lecture I: "The Unmotivated Bastard" (やる気のないロクでなし, Yaruki no Nai Roku de Nashi) is episode 1 of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor anime series.

This episode first aired in Japan on April 4, 2017.

Episode Summary


“The Unmotivated Bastard”

Glenn is a bastard who only sleeps instead of teaching class at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. When one of his excellent students, Sistine, finally gets fed up, she challenges him to a duel to make him teach properly.


The episode opens with a young boy narrating a storybook's tale about a demon lord being slain by a mage. As he finishes, a bloodied hand slams the cover of that book, as a voice declares, "I wanted to be a mage of justice."

The scene transitions to the town of Fejite, where Sistine Fibel narrates about the city's history, whist running through the streets to meet up with Rumia Tingel. As Rumia awaits for Sistine, an old man sitting nearby injures his finger, prompting Rumia to approach him, and offer to heal his woulds using the White Magic, Life Up.

Upon finishing, she requests that the old man keep this a secret, as using magic outside the Academy is strictly forbidden. The old man agrees, as Sistine finally catches up to Rumia.

The two begin walking towards the Academy, while discussing Sistine's unusual forgetfulness, the result of their professor suddenly quitting, and the rumored substitute to replace him. Arriving at the town square, they run into Glenn Radars sprinting at full speed in their direction, forcing Sistine to use Dark Magic, Gale Blow to avoid a collision.

Glenn lands into the fountain, with the two girls approaching him to see if he's okay. Glenn assures them that he is fine, whilst remarking they should watch where they're walking.

Sistine faults Glenn as the one who's running in the first place, prompting Rumia to advise her to apologize instead, as she did use magic against him. The two girls apologize, as Glenn proudly declares himself to be faultless in this incident.

Glenn then notices Rumia, and begins prodding at her to assess where has he seen her before. Sistine expresses outrage over Glenn touching Rumia, and sends him flying with Gale Blow again, before storming off to the Academy with Rumia.

At the Academy, Professor Halley Astry is complaining about the new substitute for being late, as Headmaster Rick Walken assures that everything is fine, given that their new substitute was recommended by Professor Celica Arfonia.

Meanwhile in Class 2, the class period is more than halfway over, as the students begin discussing about what kind of person their new substitute is. Shortly after, Glenn enters the classroom, to Sistine and Rumia's surprise, announcing himself as their new substitute teacher.

Shifting between Headmaster Rick's office and Class 2, Halley questions if such a recommended person can even teach students, as Glenn declares a self-study period. This prompts Sistine to throw a book at him out of rage.

Headmaster Rick then adds that Glenn has no teaching license, despite graduating at the Academy, and the unknown 4-year history following his graduation. Halley accuses Glenn of wasting all that time, and questions if 'that witch' Celica is even trustable,

Celica then appears in the office and threatens Halley for daring to speak ill of Glenn in front of her, forcing Halley to retreat. She then apologizes to Headmaster Rick for the trouble, and that she takes full responsibility for Glenn's performance. Headmaster Rick questions her relationship with Glenn, which she explains as nothing special, as she just wants him to live a full life.

Returning to Class 2, Glenn's teachings begin to irk the class due to his poor presentation of the lesson. A student, Lynn Titis, asks him a question, only for him to explain that he too doesn't know the answer.

Sistine begins to berate him for his way of teaching, as the school bell rings to give Glenn an excuse to depart in glee. Following this, Gibul Wisdan remarks Glenn as a 'Bastard'.

While changing in the girls locker room for their next class, Sistine engages in some intimate behavior with Rumia, as Glenn suddenly busts the door open. He then declares this sort of encounter as a cliche, and chooses to gaze at the girls before getting kicked out.

At the cafeteria, Rumia advises Sistine to try enjoying lunch, only to be met with Glenn sitting at the same table as them. Rumia and Glenn discuss about food, with Glenn offering to share some of his meal with her.

He then questions if Sistine's meal is enough, as Sistine explains her not eating much is to stay awake for afternoon class. She then adds because it's his class, she can probably eat more.

The cafeteria watches Glenn sternly request her to speak openly, as though she has something to say. Before Sistine could talk, Glenn inserts a spoonful of beans into her mouth, believing that she actually wanted to try his food. Sistine then furiously questions if he calls himself a teacher, with Glenn answering yes, but a temporary one.

Cutting to a flashback, Celica recalls her attempt to recruit Glenn into working at the Academy as a substitute. As Glenn protests, she claims he has no right to refuse, or will face her wrath. Glenn chooses to still protest as he doesn't want to work, enough to make Celica use Dark Magic, Extinction Ray at Glenn, only to miss, as she claims the next one will not.

During Class 2's afternoon class, Sistine threatens to have Glenn fired due to her family's influence on the Academy, only to have Glenn request that she does so. She then throws her glove at him, as a declaration of a duel against him.

Sistine demands that Glenn correct his attitude and teach properly, who in turn reminds her that he can request something from her should he win. Class 2 questions what would Glenn do to Sistine, as Glenn has a brief flashback about a similar looking figure from his past. With that, he remarks that it's surprising that people still such antiquated customs. and accepts the duel.

In the outdoors of the Academy, Glenn lays the rules for the duel, where both parties can only use Black Magic, Shock Bolt, at each other, admitting that he has reservations for harming brats like Sistine. She accepts, explaining that the challenged party has the right to set the terms of the duel.

Class 2 watches the pair prepare to duel, as Gibul explains how Shock Bolt works. With that, whoever can chant its incantation the fastest will win the duel. Glenn taunts Sistine into attacking, and as she does...

He takes it head on, much to Class 2's shock, with Sistine and Rumia's confusion.

Sistine then questions if she broke the rules, as Glenn stands up again to declare that he gave her the first round, and that it's now a best of 3. He begins chanting his attack, as Sistine shocks him again before he could finish.

Glenn then claims that it's unexpected how good Sistine is, as he changes the rules again to a best of 5, which ends with him being shocked again. Sistine then questions if he can even shorten a chant, to which he replies that shortening chants is heresy, and its not like he can't do it. Class 2 comes to the conclusion that he can't.

Sistine declares herself the victor, as Glenn plays dumb at pretending he knows nothing about their agreement, and runs away.

The episode ends with Sistine declaring she has lost all hope for him.

Comparisons with other media

Light Novel

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  • During Sistine and Rumia's encounter with Glenn,
    • After touching Rumia, Sistine kicks Glenn away instead of using Gale Blow.
    • Glenn remarks that both Sistine and Rumia would be late for class if they don't get moving.
  • Class 2's seating arrangement is different,
    • Sistine and Rumia appear to be sitting on the 2nd row instead of the front.
  • The chapter takes place across several days, instead of the same day.

Dub Changes

  • In the English dub, a background character that Sistine passes by has lines.
    • He was originally silent in the Japanese dub.

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