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"The Unmotivated Bastard"
やる気のないロクでなし Yaruki no Nai Roku de Nashi
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Next Episode 2
Corresponding Light Novel Volume 1, Prologue to Chapter 2
Corresponding Manga Volume 1, Lecture I
First Broadcast
Japanese April 4, 2017
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Lecture I: "The Unmotivated Bastard" (やる気のないロクでなし, Yaruki no Nai Roku de Nashi) is the first episode of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor anime series.

Synopsis Edit

Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel are students at the prestigious Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, where their instructor has recently resigned, and a substitute has been assigned to take his place. To Sistine's disappointment, her substitute teacher is late on the first day. Halfway through class, he finally arrives, introducing himself as Glenn Radars. Unfortunately for the students, Glenn turns out to be completely uninterested in teaching and declares every class period a self-study session. In her frustration, Sistine challenges Glenn to a duel.

Long Summary Edit

The anime opens with the town that is located near the Alzano Academy. The market is filled with tourists and people who want to buy vegetables. A fourteen year old girl named Rumia Tingel makes her appearance by helping an old man who cuts his finger using two stones, while setting his sticks on fire. She uses a White Magic spell called "Life Up", to heal his wound. She tells the old man to not tell anyone about her using magic as magic in not allowed outside the premises of the academy. The man agrees as he smiles and waves goodbye. Rumia sees her best friend Sistine Fibel, a girl with long silver hair. They greet each other as they make their way to the school. On their way to the academy they bump into Glenn Radars, a nineteen year old boy with black hair. He tells them to watch their way. Glenn looks at Rumia as starts to check her characteristics as she reminds him off an old friend. Rumia panics due a stranger touching her body. This upsets Sistine as she uses a dark Magic Spell "Gale Blow", to attack Glenn causing him to fly away. Glenn ends up falling into the fountain, soaking wet of water. Sistine apologises to him, which causes Glenn to act superior. He looks down on then making Sistine upset again. She uses Gale blow to blow him away, causing him fall back into the fountain.

The girls run towards the academy ignoring Glenn. Sistine complains about how she resents the fact of her favourite teacher has retired and a substitute teacher taking over. As the bell rings the students proceed to class. The studens of Class II, wait for their new substitute teacher, who has yet make an appearance. Sistine protests about the teacher and how his actions has brought shame to academy. The door slams open as Glenn enters in surprising Sistine and Rumia. Glenn introduces himself as the new substitute teacher of Class II. This causes agitation at the Headmaster's room as Halley Astray, A magic Professor who is the teacher of Class I, complains how Glenn is late on his first day of work. He also complains about his skill level in both magic and intelligence and complains on how he doesn't have a teachers licence. A disgruntled Celica makes her appearance by menacing Halley to stop talking ill about Glenn, causing Halley to run away in fear. She apologises to the headmaster, on Glenn actions, telling that she managed to send him to class. The distressed headmaster tells her that it is normal for anyone to be angry as Glenn doesn't possess a teacher's licence. Celica apologises to the headmaster again telling him that she will take full responsibility of what Glenn's achieves and what Glenn fails to complete. The headmaster questions her relationship with Glenn as she cares deeply for him, putting her reputation at risk. Celica answers with smile saying that she wants him to have full life.

Glenn then writes notes on the board, due to Sistine's oppression. The students complain theta they cannot understand his writing. Lynn Titis, a student of the class rises up to ask him a question about runic spells, which Glenn claims that he does not know them, vexing Sistine. The bells rings as Glenn exits for the room. The females students of Class II, get changed for their alchemy class, only for Glenn to bargain. The students start panicking as they kick him out of the room. Later Sistine sits next to window starting at the Sky castle, distressed that their alchemy class was cancelled. Glenn comes and sits next to Rumia and Sistine in the cafeteria. Rumia starts a conversation with him as they talk about food. Glenn questions about Sistine's appetite as she tells him to mind his own business. Sistine starts lecturing him to act like a teacher, when Glenn shoves a spoon of beans in her mouth, making the students of Class II stare at them. Celica sits at the top of academy wondering about how she made Glenn accept her proposal of teaching Class II to be their substitute teacher. The flashback continues as Glenn denies the proposal as Celica threatens him using a Dark Magic Spell called "Extinction Ray", to make him accept the proposal.

The next session of the class begins as Glenn announces that it is Self study. Sistine can't bear with his childish behaviour as she tells him about her status as the daughter of Fibel family and telling him that she can get him fired if she can. This makes Glenn happy as he asks her to proceed with her firing him. Glenn rejoices, when Sistine throws a glove at him challenging him to a duel. Rumia asks her to take back her glove, which she denies. Sistine's angry expression reminds Glenn of a girl, with long silver hair and red tattoos as she appears in his fastback. He growls and accepts the challenge, as Sistine and Glenn get ready for battle, the rules are of their duel are announced. Sistine strikes him with shock Bolt, a dark magic spell, used to paralyse it's target. The episode closes as Glenn losing the battle.

Episode Notes Edit

  • Sistine and Rumia attend the Alzano Academy.
  • Class II gets their new incompetent substitute teacher.
  • The professors are not happy with Glenn teaching.
  • Sistine challenges Glenn to a duel.

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