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"Just the Slightest Bit of Motivation"
ほんのわずかなやる気 Hon'no Wazukana Yaruki
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Japanese April 11, 2017
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Lecture II: "Just the Slightest Bit of Motivation" (ほんのわずかなやる気, Hon'no Wazukana Yaruki) is the second episode of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor anime series.

Synopsis Edit

Sistine and Glenn get into a minor misconception about magic, causing Sistine to leave the classroom. After a talk with Rumia, Glenn apologizes to Sistine and shows more motivation. He teaches his students about the techniques and ways Shock Bolt can be used. The students are surprised by this and decide to accept him as their teacher.

Criminals invade the school and kidnap Rumia while Glenn rescues Sistine who was about to be assaulted.

Long SummaryEdit

The episode begins with Sistine complaining about Glenn, not keeping the agreement between mages and does not teach anything. Lynn Titis, approaches Glenn asks him about runic spells which she needs help with. Sistine interrupts and tells her that she is wasting time and that she will help he with it.

Glenn questions Sistine about the use of magic as Sistine tells him that she knew that he was going comment on magic and its purposes, she continues saying that magic is the study of the principles of the world, and that the origin and the structure of the world and the rules that help govern the world is all revealed through magic. She also explains that magic solely exists to give us answers on why we solely exist. Glenn questions Sistine about the use of learning the principles of the world, which Sistine tells that she already answered the question. Glenn interrupts her asking what benefit does magic provide humanity? The students stare at Glenn and Sistine as Glenn talks about how humans can accomplish things without the need of magic, he talks about medicine as humans can find a way to heal many diseases. Glenn tells her that maybe it's his opinion that magic is of no benefit to human beings, making Sistine sweat drop. Sistine tries to explain to him, when Glenn interrupts again saying that magic can be used for killing. It can benefit in killing ten people at the same time. He goes dark by giving more examples earning a slap from Sistine. Glenn looks at Sistine's distressed expression as she yells that she hates him and runs out of the room, the class is then dismissed.

Later Glenn stands at the rooftop thinking about magic and how it brings nothing but regret. As he blabbers about magic, he notices Rumia, inside the second floor drawing a magic circle as he approaches her. Rumia opens her book, trying to figure out what is wrong with her magic circle. Glenn opens the door and starts a conversation with her. Glenn examines the circle and tells her that she has done it right, but is short a on mercury, a special powder. Glenn redraws the magic circle by adding more mercury to it and telling her to activate the circle again. To Rumia's surprise the circle lights up with beautiful sparks and shape. Rumia comments on how beautiful it looks as Glenn glances at her, only to remember how he had the same expression of magic when he was younger. As Glenn and Rumia walk back home Rumia comments on how Glenn loves magic as he looked like he was having fun back the, which Glenn denies. Rumia asks him what he was doing before he became a substitute teacher. Glenn answers that he was shut-in making Rumia smile. Rumia asks him what he did before that, where Glenn's expression changes changing the topic. Glenn questions why everyone gets so worked up about something a dumb as magic. Rumia tells him about her past as how she was captured by some evil mages and a mage of justice came to her rescue. She told him that she wasn't able to do anything in return, so she decided to learn magic and later pay him back if she ever met him. Glenn starts wondering and thinking about someone. Rumia tells Glenn to apologize to Sistine as she connects with her deceased grandfather through magic and her passion for magic is that she wants to unravel the mysteries of the Sky Castle.

The next day, Glenn surprises everyone when he not only shows up to class on time but sincerely apologizes to Sistine about his actions and behavior. He then stands in front of the class saying that he will start teaching them as everyone wonders what brought about this change. Before he begins, Glenn states all of them are idiots, agitating everyone. Gibul comments on his words by mentioning his loss to Sistine but he shrugs this off by chanting, three phrase of shock Bolt, making Teresa comment on his magic reduction skills. Wendy contributes to the conversation saying that they have already mastered the spell. Glenn then asks Gibul as to what would happened if he shortens the spell as the latter it won't work properly as Glenn notes on how it was obvious as Wendy agrees with Gibul about it being random. However, Glenn shows a series of demonstrations of using the spell by shortening the chant or using key words from the subconscious. This display surprises everyone as he tells the students he will show them real magic lessons and they could sleep if they didn't want to hear it.

Days go by, as Glenn has become popular with his class and other students with his lectures as Celica Arfonia commends her former pupil for his teachings while the headmaster is pleased as well while an irritated Halley Astry vows to get Glenn thrown out of the academy.

Glenn is later shown by himself where he reflects on the past few days and can't believed that he enjoyed teaching as Celica appears and they trade banter for a while as she tells him his class needs to use an off day to recover some lessons due to their old teacher missing. Sistine and Rumia appear asking Glenn about a recent lecture as Celica smiles and walks off.

Elsewhere, three men hide in the shadows with one of them communicating with an unknown person about Glenn and a plan. The unknown man on the other side says that Glenn will be no threat to them and their plan will go off without consequence as his comrade agrees.

The next day, Glenn is running late when he sees something is out of the ordinary as there are no people around before noticing a presence. He tells that person he's running as late as the person is revealed to be one of the unknown men from earlier telling him he will die.

Meanwhile, the other criminals Jin Ganis and Reik Fohenheim kill a guard and arrive in the class searching for Rumia. Jin questions the class over what Rumia looked like until Sistine Fibel stood up to him, which irritated him and he moved to kill her but Rumia revealed herself. Jin then reveals they knew what Rumia looked like the whole time but wanted to play a game where he'd kill her classmates until someone who wanted to live told him. His comrade tells him to stop as he takes Rumia and tells the class that their teacher is dead.

Reik takes Rumia and reveals he is aware of her status as a princess and that her class will be taken for experiments.

Elsewhere Jin subdues the class and throws Sistine into a room with the intent to force himself on her. The girl tries hold her stance but breaks down, as Jin prepared to carry out the act, just as Glenn (who was still alive) arrives in the room interrupting him. Thinking its mutual, Glenn nearly leaves though Sistine tells him to save her from being assaulted.

Glenn annoys Jin and the latter tries to attack, as Sistine warns Glenn who comments on her random decisions as she tells him about Jin's magic but the criminal states its too late. However, Jin can't attack and tries again but can't, but Glenn reveals a spell on a card that blocks off magic. Jin and Sistine are amazed with Sistine noting he'd be invincible but it is short-lived, since it works on Glenn as well. Jin breaks out laughing as Sistine panics and Jin tells Glenn to leave before Glenn uses his fists, to Sistine's surprise and Jin's anger. Jin then attacks but his attempts to fight back are futile as Glenn punches him and tosses him around as the criminal recognizes the fighting style as the one the Imperial Army uses.

He questions Glenn's identity and is surprised to hear he is the same teacher that Carrel was assigned to kill, as it revealed Glenn subdued Careel and tied him up. Jin questions how his comrade lost to a man who resorted to brawls. He is then asked by Glenn who asks if he is feeling bad after he lost to something other than magic as he plans to finish him with a punch but this was a trick as Glenn kicks him in the face, knocking him unconscious and defeating him.

Episode NotesEdit

  • Glenn starts to teach after being lazy in Episode 1.
    • He shows his class new ways to use their magic and becomes a popular instructor.
  • Criminals break in the academy to kidnap Rumia who is revealed to be a princess.
  • Glenn reveals some more of his magical abilities and physical capabilities.

Difference between Light novel, manga and the animeEdit

  • In the manga, some of the students took note of Glenn being on time after his apology to Sistine.
  • Sistine threw more books at Glenn and he apologized in the manga while in the anime he is hit one book and yells at her instead.
  • Wendy, Teresa and Lynn all comment on Sistine looking like a cat in the anime.
  • In the manga, Glenn's popularity is told in more detail such as Rumia and Sistine volunteering to help Glenn with books is shown in detail while the anime puts it in a montage.
  • In the manga, Halley Astry learns of Glenn's popularity after overhearing other teachers while in the anime he is in the headmaster's office and hears it from Celica Arfonia and headmaster.
  • Celica's talk with the headmaster is extended as the headmaster mentions Glenn once attending the academy.
  • Sistine doesn't question Glenn's treatment to her and Rumia like in the manga
  • In the anime, Glenn accurately catches sight of Carrel Mardos while in the manga he faced the wrong way.
  • Jin and Reik's attack on the class is shorter as the manga has them cause the class to line up after threatening them as well as Sistine trying to attack which is absent in the anime.
  • Rumia's talk with Reik is shortened.
  • In the anime, Jin doesn't ask Glenn how he will fight him without magic and Glenn doesn't reply with his fists like in the manga, instead Glenn immediately attacks him.

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