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"The Fool and the Death"
愚者と死神 Gusha to Shinigami
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Japanese April 18, 2017
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Lecture III: "The Fool and the Death" (愚者と死神, Gusha to Shinigami) is the third episode of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor anime series.

Synopsis Edit

The academy is suddenly terrorised by a terrorist organisation, where the truth about Rumia is discovered. They abduct her to a secret base that is set up at the academy. Glenn and Sistine go to rescue Rumia, while facing of some terrorist.

Long Summary Edit

Episode Notes Edit

  • Glenn is told of Rumia being the second princess of the Alzano Empire.
  • Glenn uses Extinction Ray.
  • Huey Lysen, the former teacher of Class II is revealed to have been apart of Researchers of Divine Wisdom.
  • Glenn becomes a full-time instructor at the academy.

Differences between the Light Novel and Manga Edit

  • Sistine and Glenn witness Jin's death in the anime while in the manga they just overhear it
  • Reik doesn't try to defend his killing of Jin like in the manga.
  • Sistine tries to stop Glenn from leaving but he collapses.
  • Huey's flashback with his students is not seen in the anime unlike the manga.
  • Glenn punching Huey is shown in the manga while happens off-screen in the anime.
  • Sistine wakes up and makes it to find Glenn and runs to the tower where Rumia is held up and finds the scene.
  • Glenn does not wear his instructor cloak after the criminals are defeated like in the manga.

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