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Glenn RadarsEdit

Glenn and Eve have a professional relationship as Eve was Glenn's superior when he was in the Imperial Court. They seem to have a strained relationship as of now, since Glenn hates her because she was the one who sent Glenn and Sara to that mission to hunt Jatice, while refusing to send any reinforcement and this led to Sara's death which in turn caused Glenn to leave the Imperial Court. Though Eve herself was also against this decision she had no choice due to her father refusing to send Albert to help since he thought that this action would ruin Ignite's family reputation.

They would meet again a year later. Eve forcefully recruited Glenn in their mission to prevent Rumia's assassination and capture high ranking members of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. Glenn had many objections to this, but had no choice to participate, because Eve also got to know about Re=L's origin.

Before and during the operations Glenn had many questions to Eve, because she was holding back information from the other members. This later caused a miscalculation on her part and caused her to be controlled by the real mastermind. She later freed from the hypnosis after Zayeed was defeated. She would then later meet Glenn on the street. Glenn sarcastically told her that thanks to this succes her position in the military would improve, but he then saw her crying and she told him she considered it a failure. Because she was unable to prove to Glenn that she was more correct than him, the one with an ideal as a "Mage of Justice'. She then tells him that she will prove her road is correct and that he will work under her again when that time comes. Glenn was confused at what she said, but also realizes that he doesn't know about the darkness inside her heart.

The basis of their conflicting relationship comes from their conflicting ideologies. Glenn when he joined the Imperial Court Mage Corps had the ideal of a "Mage of Justice". Eve found this ideologie to be childish and unrealistic after she herself abandoned the ideal. This causes Eve to act more harshly with Glenn which was noted by the other members of the Imperial Court Mage Corps. Glenn also is rather more open to criticize Eve which causes them to have long arguments with each other. However this does show that while their relation looks bad, it's also a relationship in which they have nothing to hide against each other.

Sara Silvers Edit

Eve was Sara's superior in the Imperial Court. She accidentally caused her death when her father refused to sent Albert to help her and Glenn from Jatis. She feels remorse for causing her death even to the present day.

Albert Frazer Edit

Bernard Jester Edit

Bernard knows Eve ever since she was a little girl. He feels pity for her, because she was never able to decide what she wanted to do in her life after she was forced to become the heir after her older sister lost the ability to use magic after an accident. This also caused her to change from a cheerful idealistic kid into the cool calculating woman she is today. This made Bernard unable to abandon her.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Edit

Rumia Tingel Edit

Eve knows about Rumia's identity as princess Ermiana El Kel Alzano and used her as bait to capture members of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom when they tried to assassinate her during the ball. However their first true meeting would come after Eve got demoted and became an instructor at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. Rumia respects Eve as a magician and a teacher, but outside of that she also sees her as a rival in love since the way she interacts with Glenn is without any boundaries between them which makes her closer to Glenn than she currently is. Rumia even tried to question her about her relation with Glenn along with Sistine and Re=L, but Eve says she's just misunderstanding everything and that he hates her which surprises them.

Sistine Fibel Edit

Sistine first met Eve after Eve saved her from an attack from the resurrected Jin. After saving her Eve gave her medical care and was there when she woke up. Eve noticed her resemblance to Sara in appearance and ideals which gave her complicated feelings. Sistine was thankful for the help Eve gave her and asked her to help Glenn and told her how she could locate him. She also sees Eve as a role model for being a beautiful and powerful mage which she aspires to be.

They would meet again after Eve got demoted and became an instructor at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. She was happy to meet Eve again, but she also gained subconscious hostile and anxious feelings against her after learning of her history with Glenn and seeing the way they interact with each other.