Extinction Ray
Extinction Ray
イクスティンクション・レイ Ikusutinkushon Rei
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Prologue
Anime Episode 1
Type Black Magic
Class Offensive
Range Short to Long range

Extinction Ray (イクスティンクション・レイ, Ikusutinkushon Rei) is an extremely high level spell that reduces all that it touches to atoms. It is a five layer glyph that slowly extends as it is formed.

It can be cast by Celica Arfonia and Glenn Radars. However, Celica's Extinction Ray is superior to Glenn's in both power and range.

History Edit

Extinction Ray was created by Celica Arfonia during the Great Mage War 200 years prior to the start of the series.

Usage Edit

Glyph Edit

A five part glyph that has the glyph core the tips of an eight pointed black star on the outside as the main symbol with the tips of a supporting eight pointed star of white in between the black tips.

A three ringed border is the next layer, consisting of black teeth pointing towards a golden chain ([]=[]=[]) in the center.

The next layer is a contained border of script with an inverted layer of hollow teeth whose tips after it, pointing toward the center with stylized waves of fire (two curving crests and two troughs underneath the crests) around that layer.

The fourth layer is a simple material ring with three circles arranged in a triangular pattern each having their own symbol within, unsure if contained script is the ring that binds the circles or if another chain.

The fifth layer is another three part binding circle that has unbound script/chain as the innermost layer, multiple triangles of an unknown amount pointing outwards as the middle, and a two thin rings of orange on the exterior and black as the interior closely spaced together that allow the tips of the middle triangles to extend past them.

Chants Edit

As the spell's inventor, Celica is able to cast Extinction Ray with the three-phrase chant "Return thyself to the cycle of providence, / the five elements to elements / and sever the links woven between images and truth." (《其は摂理の円環へと帰還せよ・五素は五素に・象と理を紡ぐ縁は乖離せよ》, So wa setsuri no enkan he to kikan seyo / goso wa goso ni / shō to kotowari wo tsumugu en (enishi) wa kairi seyo)

Unlike Celica, in order to cast Extinction Ray, Glenn must use a valuable magical catalyst (such as the red crystal featured in episode 3) along with the seven-phrase chant "I am he who slays and captures gods. / I am the one who knows the end and the founder of genesis. / Return thyself to the cycle of providence, / The five elements to elements, / And sever the links woven between images and truth. / Now all of creation shall perish here, / At the distant ends of the void." (《我は神を斬獲せし者・我は始原の祖と終を知る者・其は摂理の円環へと帰還せよ・五素より成りし物は五素に・象と理を紡ぐ縁は乖離すべし・いざ森羅の万象は須く此処に散滅せよ・遥かな虚無の果てに》, Ware wa kami wo zankaku seshi mono / ware wa shigen no so to tsui wo shiru mono / so wa setsuri no enkan he to kikan seyo / goso yori narishi mono wa goso ni / shō to kotowari wo tsumugu en (enishi) wa kairi subeshi / iza shinra no banshō wa subekaraku koko ni sanmetsu seyo / harukana kyomu no hate ni).

The official English translations for the second phrase of Celica's chant and the fourth phrase of Glenn's chant are inaccurate. The second phrase of Celica's chant is more accurately translated "the five elements to the five elements." The fourth phrase of Glenn's Chant is more accurately translated "That which was composed from the five elements to the five elements."

Notably, the character 縁 in both chants may be pronounced either en[1][2] or enishi.[3][4] No difference in outcome is reported. This is especially apparent when the same scene is compared across media. For example, in the prologue of Light Novel Volume 1, Celica casts Extinction Ray with en. However, in the anime Episode 1 counterpart of the same scene, Celica casts it with enishi instead.[5]


In episode 1 of the anime, Celica cast Extinction Ray with a three-phrase chant at Glenn. The resulting beam was much more glamorous than the one Glenn can call forth, and, although it was a warning shot, her aim was so precise that it just barely missed him.


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