Gale Blow
ゲイル・ブロー Geiru Burō
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Type Black Magic
Class Offensive
Range Short to Long range
Family Magic(s)
Derived Storm Wall

Gale Blow (ゲイル・ブロー, Geiru Burō) is an air and/or wind class spell that causes an extremely strong, focused gust of wind (comparable to that of a gustnado if not full tornado) to fire out from the glyph.

Usage Edit

Chants Edit

Gale Blow can be cast with the three-phrase chant "Rush forth, wind! / rush and blow through, / piercing them!" (《駆けよ風・駆けて抜けよ・打ち据えよ》, Kake yo kaze/ kakete nuke yo/ uchisue yo). It can also be chanted with one-phrase chants such as "Pay heed, great wind!" (《大いなる風よ》, Ōinaru kaze yo).