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CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn to CharaIconSistine.png Sistine in Episode 10.
Glenn Radars
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CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn Radars (グレン=レーダス, Guren Rēdasu) is a main Protagonist of the Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor (Light Novel) and Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series.

He is the Professor of Class 2 at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, and former Operative Number 0 "The Fool" of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex. He is also the adopted son of CharaIconCelica.png Celica Arfonia.

Official Description


An unmotivated magic instructor who dislikes magic, and a third-rate mage. But, is this his true face…?


Glenn Radars' full appearance in the anime.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn is portrayed as a young man with long black hair is tied into a low ponytail with a red hair tie, and a messy fringe across his forehead.

His outfit consists of a white half-sleeved shirt with a loose red tie and black pants with a gold trim at the seams, with accompanying black dress shoes and black laced white gloves.

During the events of Magic Instructor Glenn And His Story Of Vanity, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn does wear the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy's Professor Robe with a pair of glasses, as an attempt of portraying himself as a proper professor.


CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn is shown to be a lazy, mischievous and shameless person that often causes great annoyance to characters around him. This includes his foster mother CharaIconCelica.png Celica Arfonia being disgusted at him begging to not force him to work; CharaIconSistine.png Sistine Fibel constantly calling him out for not taking his job as a professor seriously with his various antics, and fellow professor CharaIconHalley.png Halley Astry having a strong distaste for CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's lack of professionalism in general.

Ironically, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's troublesome personality does land himself in many personal problems, such as having a fondness for gambling, terrible money management abilities and trying to find ways to make money without having to work.

Despite these negative traits, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn does show respect to certain characters, specifically ones from certain positions of power. This includes CharaIconRick.png Rick Walken, who he often listens to throughout the series for prospects to save himself or his job, and CharaIconAliciaVII.png Alicia VII, who he greatly respects by choosing to still bow before her in a place where no one is watching.

As a professor, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn shows a serious side of educating and watching over his students. His classes, despite being conducted in an unusual manner, reveals a side of CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn where he wants to ensure his students understand their lesson, as seen in his lecture on the spell Shock Bolt.

Additionally, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn is known to secretly observe the capabilities of his Class 2 students, where he explains his reasoning for why certain students were assigned into certain contests during the Magic Competition Arc. This extends to him finding himself having to assist them with their personal problems, as seen with CharaIconLynn.png Lynn Titis' nervousness before her contest in the Magic Competition.

During times of combat, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's personality varies depending on the opponent he's fighting, where he either holds back by showing a carefree easygoing side of himself, or straight up takes on his opponent with the intent of defeating them swiftly or effectively.

In the case of opponents such as CharaIconCarrel.png Carrel Mardos and CharaIconJin.png Jin Ganis, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn shows his more laid-back self before taking them on with his abilities. In contrast, opponents such as CharaIconReik.png Reik Fohenheim and CharaIconJatice.png Jatice Lowfan does cause him to take a more serious approach rather than goof around.

On the topic of CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's past, he would often dodge the subject due to his personal disgust at his own history. However, there are moments where CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn does talk about his past, but with indirect metaphors for other characters to interpret rather than a direct explanation. This is seen during his conversation with CharaIconSistine.png Sistine, where he masks the story of failing to protect his partner CharaIconSara.png Sara Silvers during a certain mission.

Abilities & Interests

  • "Imperial Military's Hand-To-Hand Combat Style": CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn utilizes hand-to-hand combat frequently, most notably during his battle against CharaIconJin.png Jin Ganis.
    • "Physical Durability": CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn has shown the ability to endure damage from both physical attacks and Magic.
      • Despite being a running gag, this may explain how he is able to survive CharaIconSistine.png Sistine's frequent Gale Blow attacks that send him flying.
      • During his duel against CharaIconSistine.png Sistine, he manages to take many shots of Shock Bolt.
      • He is able to endure several stabs from Reik's Swords without bleeding out.
    • "Field Experience": CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's experience as Operative Number 0 "The Fool" enables him to strategize a plan to resolve his current situation.
    • "Boxing": While training CharaIconSistine.png Sistine, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn reveals that he was taught to practice Boxing as a kid by CharaIconCelica.png Celica. The physical training helps develop one's fighting instinct to predict, counter and combat their opponent, while improving their stamina.
    • "Gunmanship": CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn utilizes guns infused with Magic in combat. He owns a personal Revolver called "Penetrator".
      • CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn also develops Eve Kaisur Gunpowder, a type of gunpowder that allows him to channel his Magic into the bullet to breach an opponent's defenses.
      • During the Academy Reforms Arc's Survival Battle, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn was gifted a flintlock gun filled with ink bullets from the spirit of CharaIconAliciaIII.png Alicia III, the same gun she used to commit suicide. The gun would later be regained by CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn after he managed to decipher the Notes Of Alicia III and escape its trap, during which he named the gun "Queen Killer".
    • "Combat Tools": CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn has shown the ability to create various lethal Tools for combat, which were used against various Angel Dust addicts in Fejite. LightNovelCover5.jpg Volume 5 Lecture XXXI Episode 12

  • 3-verse Chants: CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn has an inability to cast Spells efficiently with less than 3-phrases. Chapter 2: The Cat And The Dog Lecture II Episode 1
    • Weakened Extinction Ray: CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn requires an Extinction Ray Catalyst and its 7-verse Chant to to cast the spell. Even then, the Spell is weaker in comparison to CharaIconCelica.png Celica's, and causes Mana Deficiency if utilized.
    • History As Operative Number 0 "The Fool": CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn avoids the topic of discussing his past when asked about it. When characters that know of his history begin disclosing it, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn becomes enraged and open to a counterattack, as seen during his encounter with CharaIconLeos.png Leos Kleitos/CharaIconJatice.png Jatice Lowfan. LightNovelCover5.jpg Volume 5 Lecture XXX Episode 11
      • CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn does open up some of his history to other characters, only if they ask about it or the situation requires an explanation. LightNovelCover10.jpg Volume 10
    • Eve Kaisur Gunpowder: CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn suffers from PTSD when attempting to create Eve Kaisur Gunpowder, due to its power terrifying him the first time he utilized it. <To be added>. LightNovelCover10.jpg Volume 10

  • Food: CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn has shown a tendency to enjoy eating. Depending on the occasion, he would opt to eat as much as possible, such as during the Social Dance Ball.
    • Gambling: CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn has admitted on several occasions to enjoy gambling, rephrasing as "Investing for the future" when trying to justify it.

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  • <To be added> <To be added> (Memory Records)

  • List Of Appearances

    Main article: Glenn Radars/Appearances


    • In the afterword for LightNovelCover6.jpg Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 6, series artist Kurone Mishima commented in the Afterword that that she drew CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn with a ponytail to make him more recognizable.
    • CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn is known as the unofficial "assistant" for the following characters:
      • CharaIconOrwell.png Orwell Schuzer, as his go to "sacrifice"/lab assistant.
      • CharaIconRosalie.png Rosalie Detert, as her unofficial sidekick for solving cases.
      • CharaIconFossil.png Fossil Lefoy Ertoria, as his accomplice to help sneak into forbidden parts of the Library. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn actually agrees to be his assistant for a year, in exchange for his help in stopping CharaIconAzel.png Azel Le Ignite's rebellion.

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