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Henrietta Dool
アンリエッタ=ドゥール Anrietta Dūru
Alias The Tower (, )
Epithet The Doll Maker (人形師, Ningyōshi)
Personal Data
Race Lich
Human (former)
Status Deceased
Gender Female Icon Female
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex (former)
Occupation(s) Operative(former)
The Tower Arcana

Henrietta Dool (アンリエッタ=ドゥール, Anrietta Dūru), also known as the "The Doll Maker" (人形師, Ningyōshi), was the former operative #16 "The Tower" of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex.

Appearance Edit

As a member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps, Henrietta wore its uniform.[1]

Personality Edit

Henrietta was obsessed with being the strongest and could not accept losing to others. When Celica showed herself to have an insurmountable advantage in magical power and eternal youth on top of that, Henrietta resolved to surpass her at any cost.[1]

Henrietta had no regard for the lives of others. She was willing to kill an entire village and also her own comrades in the Imperial Court Mage Corps as part of her plan to beat Celica.[1]

Henrietta was also a very vindictive person, believing in paying back any slights she suffered by a hundredfold. In response to Celica proving herself to be a better magician than her, Henrietta planned on having her thralls rape Celica until her mind broke and then slowly kill her.[1]

Abilities Edit

While still a human, Henrietta was considered the strongest of the Imperial Court Mage Corps (prior to Celica joining). Her specialty was creating life-like puppets that were difficult to distinguish from the real thing.[1]

As a Lich, Henrietta was able to drain human souls and transform her victims into undead thralls under control. She was powerful enough to turn the entire population of a village, as well as three of her fellow Imperial Court mages, into her thralls. Moreover, she combined this with her original skills to create thralls that could pass for human even under the eyes of a magician on Celica's level. She could make thralls that looked alive (rather than rotting like normal thralls) and act like living humans. However, her nature as a Lich made Henrietta dependent on draining souls to continue living and she was also unable to move far from the location that she became a Lich. Moreover, even in this state Henrietta was not as powerful as Celica.[1]

One of Henrietta's spells was a curse which causes the victim's body to self-destruct and experience immense pain if they attempt to cast a spell. It was possible for the victim to cast spells nevertheless if they had sufficient willpower.[1]

Outside of magic, Henrietta was a skilled schemer and manipulator. She came up with a plan that allowed her to severely wound (though, in the end, not defeat) Celica.[1]

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Celica Arfonia Edit

Henrietta had an overpowering hatred and envy towards Celica Arfonia. Celica was not only a better magician than Henrietta, but also had eternal youth which Henrietta would never be able to obtain. She was willing to become a Lich and make the entire population of a village into her thralls in order to surpass Celica. She also planned on Celica suffer as much as possible before dying.[1]


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