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Huey Lysen manga

Huey Lysen
ヒューイ=ルイセン Hyūi Ruisen
Alternative Name(s) Huey Rostahm (ヒューイ=ロスターム, Hyūi Rosutāmu)
Voice Actors
Japanese Jin Urayama
English Ben Phillips
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Researchers of Divine Wisdom
Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Occupation(s) Teacher

Huey Lysen (ヒューイ=ルイセン, Hyūi Ruisen) is the teacher of Alzano Imperial Magic Academy but is later revealed to be a member of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. In the anime, his name is Huey Rostahm (ヒューイ=ロスターム, Hyūi Rosutāmu).

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

During his time as teacher, he masqueraded himself as a kind man who was willing to teach his students.

When his true colors are revealed, he revealed he was truly devoted to his true allegiance and is willing to carry out his orders even facing death to accomplish them. However, Huey is shown to be a good sport as he put up no resistance in allowing Glenn to attempt to save Rumia and calmly accepting his defeat. Afterwards, he remarked on what path he should have taken and it appeared he genuinely liked being an instructor rather than a criminal.

History Edit

He was a member of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom, he had infiltrated the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy and learned information on its defenses for his allegiance's future invasion. Apparently, he was rather close to his students as both Rumia Tingel and Sistine Fibel spoke highly of him.

When the plan of his organization were being prepared, Huey disappeared and was replaced by Glenn Radars in his absence. Before three of his comrades invaded the academy, Huey disabled the teleportation circle to prevent anyone from entering the building. He soon kept watch over the captive Rumia and prepared the magic portal circle to send her to his leaders as Rumia was shocked at his true allegiance.

Fortunately, Glenn took down Huey's three comrades and made it to Rumia who was locked in a dark tower. Huey then meets his successor as Glenn used The Fool's World that blocks off magic but Huey reveals that it helped his plan, showing off a magic circle Rumia is trapped in which Glenn couldn't see in the dark. Huey reveals once Rumia is teleported, his soul which was connected to it would cause an explosion to destroy the academy though he gives Glenn the chance to save Rumia.

Huey watches as Glenn works hard to save Rumia and when it looks like he won't be able to do so, he taunts him but is shocked when Rumia heals Glenn and transfer enough mana to help him allowing him to save her.

Huey reflects on his path and laments on how it probably would have been easier to remain a teacher as he asks Glenn for an answer. However, Glenn admits he doesn't care as Huey made his choice and punches Huey for putting his students in danger. Huey was then knocked unconscious and arrested for his crimes.

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