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Ilushia Rayford anime

Illushia Rayford manga

Ilushia Rayford
イルシア=レイフォード Irushia Reifōdo
First Appearance
Anime Episode 9
Voice Actors
Japanese Misaki Watada
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Female Icon Female
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Researchers of Divine Wisdom
Occupation(s) Dealer

Ilushia Rayford (イルシア=レイフォード, Irushia Reifōdo) was a member of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom and Sion Rayford's younger sister.

Appearance Edit

As Re=L Rayford's prime body, she shares the same appearance, albeit her red hair like her older brother.

Personality Edit

Ilushia greatly cared for her brother.

History Edit

Rainer threatens Ilushia

Ilushia being threatened by Rainer.

At some point in the past, she joined the Researchers of Divine Wisdom along with her brother and worked as a dealer, but feel guilty about her actions. When Rainer Layer betrayed them, she witnessed her brother's death and was mortally wounded by the former. She was found by Glenn Radars moments before dying.

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