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Light Novel Volume 7 - 03
The Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Force
Imperial Court Mage Corps
帝国宮廷魔導士団 Teikoku Kyūtei Madōshi-Dan
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Volume 1, Lecture X
Anime Episode 6
Organisation Data
Status Active

Imperial Court Mage Corps (帝国宮廷魔導士団, Teikoku Kyūtei Madōshi-Dan) are an elite covert operatives of mages dispatched by the royals of the Alzano Empire, to deal with another empire.

Organisation Edit

The Imperial Court Mage Corps is a department that specializes in magical affairs and projects among the Imperial Court, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of National Defense. The maximum number of people is 22, each with a codename named after the Great Arcana. It is customary for the head of the department to serve as a prominent Ignite duke. There are frequent dangerous duties and frequent vacancies, so vacant seats are particularly noticeable now. The organisation was established to protect the empire and their rulers. They are to investigate threats and eliminate it. The corps may have multiple factions, one of them is Special Missions Annex (特務分室, Tokumu Bunshitsu), which comprises of mages represented by specific Arcana cards with unique magical abilities to eliminate their opponent or threat.

Special Force Edit

Name Rank No Card Position Status
Glenn Radars0The FoolExecutive officerLeft
Eve Ignite1The MagicianManager
Executive officer
Unknown2The High PriestessTBAUnknown
Sara Silvers3The EmpressExecutive officerDeceased
Unknown4The EmperorTBAUnknown
Christoph Flowel5The HierophantExecutive officerActive
Unknown6The LoversTBAUnknown
Re=L Rayford7The ChariotExecutive officerActive
Illas8The StrengthTBADeceased
Bernard Jester9The HermitExecutive officerActive
Unknown10The Wheel of FortuneTBAUnknown
Jatice Lowfan11The JusticeExecutive officerDefected
Unknown12The Hanged ManTBAUnknown
Unknown13The DeathTBAUnknown
Turi14The TemperanceTBADeceased
Unknown15The DevilTBAUnknown
Henrietta Dool16The TowerExecutive officerDeceased
Albert Frazer17The StarExecutive officerActive
Unknown18The MoonTBAUnknown
Crea19The SunTBADeceased
Unknown20The JudgementTBAUnknown
Celica Arfonia21The WorldExecutive officerLeft

Trivia Edit

  • The Corps's structure were inspired by the Major Arcana, a type of Tarot deck.
    • The tarot deck ordering used is the Rider-Waite tarot deck's, where the Strength's and the Justice's places are exchanged.