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Jatice Lowfan
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CharaIconJatice.png Jatice Lowfan (ジャティス=ロウファン, Jatisu Roufan) is a Supporting Character in the Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor (Light Novel) and Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series.

He is the former Operative Number 11 "The Justice" of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex, and the main antagonist of the Sistine's Fiancé Arc.

Official Description

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CharaIconJatice.png Jatice is portrayed as a young man with natural grey hair and black eyes. Jatice has a lean body with slender limbs. the eyes behind pince nez have dark circles under them and his face has a sharp nose and chin and a smug grin is generally seen on his face, his grey bangs fall down to his forehead and behind his ear as well. He usually wears a classic standard notch suit with a abe lincoln top hat, plain white shirt and black trousers.


Even before turning against the Alzano Empire, CharaIconJatice.png Jatice was always an unstable and dangerously insane man with an obsession with "Justice". In his time at the Imperial Court Mage Corps, he rarely took orders and mostly acted on his own, leaving several casualties, which he either viewed as an expense to justice or excuses as them being tainted by "Evil".

In terms of personality he is a cold calculating person who through the use of numerology creates plans to defeat his enemies or disrupt their plans in the most damaging ways possible, while using other people as pawns in his plans.

Despite his insanity, he does however have a form of honor and respect to certain enemies. Be it for their believes or conviction for fighting. One person he respects and yet hates particularly is CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn Radars, who CharaIconJatice.png Jatice sees as the greatest obstacle to his "Justice" due to not only being unable to predict him with "Justia's Scale", but also his loss showing that the Fool's "Justice" is not only equal, but perhaps even stronger than his own.

He holds a great hatred towards the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. Not just for being evil magicians who commit horrific acts, but also due to their leader considering CharaIconJatice.png Jatice worthy of a key turning him into a Demon General, which he views as the greatest insult to his "Justice".

Abilities & Interests

  • Magic: CharaIconJatice.png Jatice CharaIconJatice.png Jatice's original spell is called "Justia's Scale (ユースティアの天秤)". It is an ability that enables him to obtain numerical data regarding any phenomenon that he sees. This ability was created from his belief that human thoughts and actions are controlled and decided by various electrical signals in a brain and other internal chemical reactions. By using the data and mathematical formulas this spell provides, CharaIconJatice.png Jatice can accurately predict people actions to some extent. The number of actions he can predict with regards to a particular person depends on their personality and mental state at the time. He believes that a predictable person is weak and an unpredictable person is strong. He considers someone who fixes their thoughts on something too much to be easily predictable and, thus, weak. For example, the old CharaIconRe=L.png Re=L Rayford was essentially a machine-like person in his eye and that made her the weakest member of Royal Mages Corps, in his eyes. It was not until she started growing and became more human-like in CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn, CharaIconSistine.png Sistine and CharaIconRumia.png Rumia presence that CharaIconJatice.png Jatice began to re-evaluate her strength. <To be added>

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  • List Of Appearances

    Main article: Jatice Lowfan/Appearances


    • His name was mistakenly translated into "Jtice Lowfan" in the BD/DVD Volume 6.
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