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Life Up
Life Up
ライフ・アップ Raifu Appu
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Type White Magic
Class Supplementary
Range Close range

Life Up (ライフ・アップ, Raifu Appu) is a White Magic spell which raises the regenerative ability of the target to heal a wound.

Usage Edit

Glyph Edit

Chants Edit

Life Up can be cast with the three-phrase chant "Merciful angels, pay heed, / and grant this one your peace, / your saving grace." (《慈愛の天使よ・彼の者に安らぎを・救いの御手を》, Jiai no tenshi yo / kano mono ni yasuragi wo / sukui no mite wo).[1] It can also be cast with the one-phrase chant "The angels' blessing be with you." (《天使の施しあれ》, Tenshi no hodokoshi are).[2]


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