Lightning Pierce
ライトニング・ピアス Raitoningu Piasu
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2
Type Black Magic
Class Offensive
Range Short to Long range

Lightning Pierce (ライトニング・ピアス, Raitoningu Piasu) is a military-grade offensive Black Magic spell that pierces through targets with a flash of lightning.

Usage Edit

Lightning Pierce is similar to Shock Bolt in appearance. However, it is superior to Shock Bolt in power, speed, piercing power, and firing range. Unlike Shock Bolt, Lightning Pierce is potentially lethal, and a person with no magical defense would likely be electrocuted to death from merely touching a bolt.[1]

Chants Edit

Lightning Pierce can be cast with the three-phrase chant "Ferocious thunder emperor, pay heed / and pierce with your / brilliant lance of light!" (《猛き雷帝よ・極光の閃槍以て・刺し穿て》, takeki raitei yo / kyokkō no sensō motte / sashiugate). It can also be chanted with one-phrase chants such as "Pierce, lance of light!" (《貫け閃槍》, tsuranuke sensō) and "O Thunder Emperor's lance of light!" (《雷帝の閃槍よ》, raitei no sensō yo).[2]

Additionally, Jin Ganis prefers to cast it with the single-word chant "Bang!" (《ズドン》, Zudon).[3]

References Edit

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