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The Mage Ranking (魔術師の位階, Majutsushi no Ikai) is a mage ranking system.



Glenn Radars' resume, displaying his current mage rank as well as his rank upon entry into the Alzano Imperial Academy as a substitute teacher.

The Mage Ranking is a seven-rank system approved by the Mage Society which ranks mages on a scale from 1 to 7, with 1 being the lowest rank and 7 being the highest rank, as follows:

  1. Unde (第一階梯ウンデ, unde/daiichi kaitei)
  2. Duode (第二階梯デュオデ, dyuode/daini kaitei)
  3. Trede (第三階梯トレデ, torede/daisan kaitei)
  4. Quatrede (第四階梯クアットルデ, kuattorude/daiyon kaitei)
  5. Quinde (第五階梯クインデ, kuinde/daigo kaitei)
  6. Sede (第六階梯セーデ, sēde/dairoku kaitei)
  7. Septende (第七階梯セプテンデ, seputende/dainana kaitei)

Ranks are assigned according to a mage's abilities and research history. Trede can be attained by anyone who puts in the effort. However, ranks beyond Trede are reserved for especially talented mages, and Septende is considered to be outside the realm of humanity.[1] The majority of mages never make it past Quatrede.[2]

All instructors at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, with the exception of Glenn Radars, are Quatrede or higher, and all ranks from Quatrede to Septende are represented.

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  • Each rank name is derived from Latin, corresponding to the Latin numerical prefixes unde (11), duode (12), tredec (13), quatuordec (14), quinde (15), sede (16), and septende (17).
  • Although all ranks are specifically referred to by their Latinate names in the light novel, when spoken, their Japanese names are used exclusively in the Japanese version of the anime. On the other hand, the English dub version of the anime uses the Latinate names exclusively.


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