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Bastard Magic Instructor Goes Beyond His Limits
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Chapter Number
1 of 5
Release Date
  • July 19, 2014[1] (Dragon Magazine)
  • March 19, 2016 (Memory Records)[2]

Bastard Magic Instructor Goes Beyond His Limits (生き急ぐロクでなし, Iki isogu roku de nashi) is the first chapter in Volume 1 of the Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series.

It is a side story originally published in Dragon Magazine (September 2014).



The chapter begins with CharaIconSistine.png Sistine Fibel angrily expressing her frustration at CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn Radars for concluding class early, as CharaIconRumia.png Rumia Tingel attempts to calm her down.

CharaIconRumia.png Rumia inquires if CharaIconSistine.png Sistine's anger comes from a place of concern, who blushes and disagrees. She then reveals that her recent outbursts at CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn were the result of misfortunes she'd been experiencing. Misfortunes such as having her new notebook painted black, her hair mysteriously stained with ink, and the snacks she had been saving up for later mysteriously disappearing.

CharaIconRumia.png Rumia convinces CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to apologize to CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn at their next class, as CharaIconSistine.png Sistine considers being more patient with him.

A Lesson On Poison

During the next class in the outdoor courtyard, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn appears with a defanged white snake around his neck for the lesson, as it bites him on the head. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn falls onto the ground in pain as the snake begins coiling around him, causing CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to reluctantly save from the serpent.

The lesson begins with CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn explaining the topic of poison in magic combat, that despite it being a dishonorable tactic to use, he assures them that the use of poison occurs frequently in the field. Impressed by CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's lecture, CharaIconSistine.png Sistine asks if that's the main reason he brought snakes along for the lesson, to teach them about poison.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn retorts by saying he only bought snakes to see the terrified looks of young maidens as they scream in horror, annoying her as he mentions making CharaIconLynn.png Lynn Titis and CharaIconWendy.png Wendy Nablesse cry beforehand.

CharaIconSistine.png Sistine begins to berate CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn for his attitude from a distance, leading him to suspect that she may be afraid of snakes. He begins approaching her with a snake coiled around his arm, claiming that if she shakes his hand, he will correct his attitude in exchange.

The gesture causes CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to snap, as she uses Gale Blow on CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn to send him flying, followed by a kick that shatters a sealed glass cage carrying a snake. The escaped snake bites into CharaIconSistine.png Sistine's foot, as its poison causes her to faint and black out.

At the Academy Infirmary, CharaIconCelica.png Celica Arfonia remarks that while she cannot revive the comatose CharaIconSistine.png Sistine, there is a way to save her, by having CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn give his life for hers. He agrees, claiming that CharaIconSistine.png Sistine still has a future, prompting CharaIconCelica.png Celica to wipe tears off her eyes. The bedridden CharaIconSistine.png Sistine demands that she not be killed off like this, and berates the pair for their dramatic joke.

CharaIconCelica.png Celica assures CharaIconSistine.png Sistine that the poison is not lethal, but the Academy had ran out of the antidote. As a result, she would just have to rest against various symptoms for a week, with the risk of death being a possibility. A concerned CharaIconRumia.png Rumia questions if there is stock of the antidote in town, with CharaIconCelica.png Celica remarking that the antidote, the Roulat Herb, is currently out of season. She adds that although some bloom at night in the Lost Forest at the north of campus, she dismisses the option and suggest that CharaIconSistine.png Sistine take the week off to rest instead.

CharaIconCelica.png Celica and CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn both take their leave, as Glenn remarks it would be nice not having to hear CharaIconSistine.png Sistine's nagging for a week.

The Lost Forest

That evening, CharaIconRumia.png Rumia sneaks off to the Lost Forest, concerned for CharaIconSistine.png Sistine as she cannot bear to see her suffer. Upon arriving, CharaIconRumia.png Rumia finds herself having to deal with a persistent Shadow Wolf that had been stalking her, upon realizing how weak she was with Black Magic to be of any threat.

Exhausted and out of mana, CharaIconRumia.png Rumia had resigned herself to giving up, only to be saved by CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn firing a Lightning Pierce at the Shadow Wolf. She runs towards CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn in relief, who flicks her head whilst reminding her that students aren't supposed to come to the Lost Forest, especially at night. He adds that how would CharaIconSistine.png Sistine feel should something happen to her, who retorts by saying she can't just sit around and see her best friend suffer.

CharaIconRumia.png Rumia then questions if Glenn is here to find the antidote, who denies it, while claiming to be taking a stroll in the middle of the night at this part of the campus. He adds that because she is here to find the antidote, he'll allow her to tag along with him on his stroll in case they chance upon the antidote.

Trekking into the Lost Forest, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn asks CharaIconRumia.png Rumia if she's tired. She denies it, as Glenn remarks that although the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy uniforms provide some basic heating, they would still need a campfire to rest under Fejite's cold nights. CharaIconRumia.png Rumia insists that she's fine, with CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn retorting that he needs a break instead, to justify himself looking for firewood.

The pair start a fire until CharaIconRumia.png Rumia falls asleep. Upon waking up, she finds herself being carried by CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn, to her embarrassment as she pleads to be let down. He remarks that she's more exhausted that she thinks, such that she wouldn't be able to walk properly due to her mana deficiency. He also adds that he wants to try a new trail for his stroll, with CharaIconRumia.png Rumia asking if he should rest instead, prompting CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn to cheekily add that it's not often that he gets to carry a cute girl on his back. CharaIconRumia.png Rumia's mentally believes that CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn is not the kind of person that would take advantage of her, as she tightly hugs him from behind, while asking CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to forgive her for this one moment.

Later, CharaIconRumia.png Rumia recovers enough to walk on her own again, as the pair discover a damaged Roulat Herb. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn suggests heading back, as CharaIconRumia.png Rumia confronts him for his dishonesty, assuring him that he deserves the happiness of being with someone, and even if everyone else is against him, she will still be by his side. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn dismisses CharaIconRumia.png Rumia's words as an embarrassing speech, as the pair return to campus.


Upon returning to the infirmary, the pair are greeted by an empty bed with white flowers. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn begins freaking out upon remembering CharaIconCelica.png Celica's words about death being a possibility, and begins blaming himself for allowing CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to die.

Meanwhile, an alive and well CharaIconSistine.png Sistine keeps trying to call out to CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn from behind, giving him a shock as he calls her a zombie.

CharaIconCelica.png Celica then enters the infirmary, clarifying that although the Academy had ran out of the antidote, she had managed to finish CharaIconSistine.png Sistine's treatment with stock from her personal stash. She also explains the flowers as a mistake made by CharaIconKash.png Kash Winger when he visited earlier.

A red-faced CharaIconSistine.png Sistine apologizes for worrying CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn, but before she can thank him for going out of his way to find the antidote...

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn confesses that he was the one who had painted CharaIconSistine.png Sistine's notebook black, gotten ink on her hair and ate her snacks, while apologizing and begging her to not haunt him for his actions.

The chapter ends with CharaIconSistine.png Sistine presumably whacking CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn, with the scene described as just another normal day in the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

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