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Emptiness~The Lonesome Witch~
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Chapter Number
5 of 5
Release Date
March 19, 2016 (Memory Records)[1]

Emptiness~The Lonesome Witch~ (セリカ〜孤独の魔女〜, Sora 〜 kodoku no majo 〜) is the fifth and final chapter in Volume 1 of the Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series.

It is the original side story written for that volume, which focuses on Character Anime-Celica.png Celica Arfonia.



The chapter begins with Character Anime-Celica.png Celica Arfonia confronting a trio of former Imperial Court Mage Corps members turned mindless Thralls, as they brace to combat each other.

Case Of The Lich

The chapter shifts to several days earlier, where Character Anime-Celica.png Celica Arfonia answers a call from Character Anime-Alicia7.png Alicia VII, with the latter briefing a semi-drunken Celica about her upcoming assignment.

Celica gains an interest when Alicia VII mentions sending Imperial Court Mage Corps members 'The Strength’ (CharaIcon.png Illas),), ‘The Temperance’ (CharaIcon.png Turi),), ‘The Sun’ (CharaIcon.png Crea) ) and 'The Tower’ (CharaIcon.png Henrietta Dool) ) for the mission, only to receive no response from the group. She suspects all 4 members may have been killed in action, prompting Celica to mock them for being small fries.

Alicia VII advises Celica to not treat her companions with contempt, as the latter laughs off Alica's advice. Celica then reminisces about a duel she had with Henrietta, boasting how she humiliated her colleague as Alicia VII demands Celica to stop drinking alcohol.

Alicia VII then adds that she regrets not being able to be by Celica's side, due to her position as Queen that will make her subconsciously rejected by her. She then mentions that surely there is someone who would unconditionally stay by Celica's side.

Celica brushes off Alicia VII's concerns, claiming that because she's strong, there's no reason for her to have a companion. Celica then acknowledges the briefing, being disgusted at the Lich's involvement, adding that she will gladly purge that very Lich from the world.

The chapter shifts back to present day, where CharaIconCelica.png Celica finishes the trio of former Imperial Court Mage Corps me members turned Thralls with Triple Harmonics, wiping them all out in the process. She then mockingly sums up their deaths as being pushovers, and heads north towards the village.

Upon arriving, Celica meets with the Village Chief, briefing him about matters related to the Lich. As such, she will need to remain there for several days until the Lich is eradicated. During that time, the villagers avoided Celica out of fear and hatred, for reasons such as her killing her 3 former comrades, to rumors about her being the 'Ashen Witch'.

The Village Boy

Until, a boy named CharaIconGlennB.png Glenn Radars (First) runs up to meet CharaIconCelica.png Celica in person, asking if she's the Sorcerer of Justice that has come to rescue their village. Celica questions if the boy fears her, who responds by saying why should he, especially if she's here to save the village.

Annoyed at the boy's constant pestering, Celica casts several spells around the boy, hoping that it would scare him off. Unfortunately, the boy became more excited upon seeing Celica's magic, and asks if he could see more.

Having had enough of the boy, Celica kicks him aside. The boy began asking in pain if she was the Sorcerer of Justice that had come to save them, as Celica regretfully met the boy's gaze that she cannot stand for some reason.

The chapter shifts to a flashback of events from several hundred years earlier, where Celica narrates about this dream she's had countless times before.

Next to a sword stabbed into the ground like a gravestone, Celica begs the injured person next to it not to leave her. The person, CharaIconEliete.png Eliete Haven informs her that this is as far as she can go, adding that she knows what kind of person Celica truly is, and as such she trusts that she will find someone who will stay by her side again in the future.

Celica then reminisces about the day she awoke in this world 400 years ago. Since her awakening, she had lived a normal life until her body was examined to be immortal, which scared people away from her, including a man who had abandoned their wedding. Although several people did willingly stay by her side, their mortality meant that Celica will always outlive them all.

Celica adds that no one wanted to stay by her side other than Elithe. The latter apologizes as the dream ends. However, for some strange reason, Celica could feel the warmth of someone's hand holding her as the dream shifted into darkness. And for the first time in hundreds of years, she had found some peaceful sleep.

Upon waking up, Celica realizes that the warmth she felt earlier was from the young Glenn who had sneaked into her house in the village. Celica demands to know why is he there, as Glenn explains that he found her sleeping on the table the previous night, adding that he's been self-assigned to take care of her while she's in town.

Glenn adds that he was worried because of Celica's injuries on her left wrist, the result of her cutting her arm with a knife from the night before. Celica questions why would Glenn go so far for her. He explains that he can't just sit around and do nothing, while adding that he kind of understands Celica's sadness.

Celica then breaks into an outburst, furiously explaining her resentment of being alive for more than 400 years, and her attempts to commit suicide ending in failure, with a strange voice telling her of the mission she still has to fulfill. She ends it by remarking that it was foolish for a youth like Glenn to understand.

Despite her outrage, Glenn insists he understands how she feels, as he too suffers from loneliness after losing his parents. Due to the nature of their deaths, the villagers had shunned him. Glenn adds that he will return later, as Celica insists that he doesn't bother.

Double Cross

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Following the mission, CharaIconCelica.png Celica resigns from the Imperial Court Mage Corps to take care of the young Character Anime-Glenn.png Glenn Radars she'd recovered from the mission.

Several years later in Celica's Household, Glenn is complaining about having to do cooking for the day, with Celica remarking that either he does some chores in the house or she boots him out onto the street. She then inquires about why did Glenn decide to make mushroom stew, with Glenn remarking that mushrooms were cheap at the moment, and stew was easy to make. His inquiry about why she asked was met with a simple 'nothing'.

It is revealed that the mushroom stew was what made Celica reminisce about her mission in the village, as Celica's thoughts revealed that she had made several attempts to cure Glenn of his amnesia, but to no avail. As Celica arranges the dishes for their dinner, she calls out to Glenn, remarking that she is very happy to have met him. She adds that the memories they shared together gives Celica enough courage to move forward, no matter what happens.

Glenn confusingly questions if Celica ate something weird or if she went senile, with her remarking that she is already quite the granny. Glenn adds that she's not that old, as such if she's not around who would be around to cook for him. He also remarks that the day is a special occasion, as he won't be cooking for her every day, and that he does plan to leech off her for quite some time.

Celica asks Glenn to go kill himself for wanting to leech off her, who in turn responds by remarking that he's as a resilient as a cockroach.

The chapter ends with the pair enjoying dinner, as Glenn asks how does it taste, with Celica admitting that it's delicious.

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  • This chapter has not been adapted in the manga.

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