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Wandering White Cat And The Memory Handbook
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Chapter Number
2 of 5
Release Date
  • November 20, 2014[1] (Dragon Magazine)
  • March 19, 2016 (Memory Records)[2]

Wandering White Cat And The Memory Handbook (迷える白猫と禁忌手マイレコード, Mayoeru shironeko to kin-ki) is the second chapter in Volume 1 of the Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series.

It is a side story originally published in Dragon Magazine (January 2015).



The chapter begins with CharaIconSistine.png Sistine Fibel and CharaIconRumia.png Rumia Tingel looking for the former's notebook in the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Library. CharaIconRumia.png Rumia questions CharaIconSistine.png Sistine about the notebook's contents, who embarrassingly they're incomplete magic formulas she does not want people to discover. With that, CharaIconRumia.png Rumia promises to not take a peek should she find the notebook.

The pair briefly discuss some rumors about the Library, with CharaIconSistine.png Sistine dismissing it as baseless as they agree to split up and search, before meeting up 30 minutes later.

Headmaster's Request

At the Headmaster's Office, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn Radars is being briefed by CharaIconRick.png Rick Walken, CharaIconHalley.png Halley Astry and CharaIconCelica.png Celica Arfonia about several rumors about the Library, which includes recent sightings of a young ghost and books flying uncontrollably.

CharaIconRick.png Headmaster Rick requests the reluctant CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn to investigate the matter, adding that because he has the most amount of free time, and that because he was a former Imperial Court Mage Corps Operative*, he is best suited for this case.

*Note: Worded as "That", to not have CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's identity disclosed to CharaIconHalley.png Professor Halley.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn then questions why not have CharaIconCelica.png Celica handle it instead, with CharaIconRick.png Headmaster Rick answering that they'll find a smoldering crater in place of the Library after she's done. CharaIconCelica.png Celica jokingly claims that she would only leave the interior beyond repair instead of a crater, which prompts anger from CharaIconHalley.png Professor Halley, who demands the mentor-student pair take this matter seriously.

The pair begin discussing this as a good opportunity to bake some sweet potatoes at the Library after they've taken care of it, as they begin making plans to buy both sweet potatoes and steel melting fuel for this job. CharaIconHalley.png Professor Halley breaks down in tears as the pair assure him that it's just a joke.

Shortly after, CharaIconSistine.png Sistine bursts into the office, with news that CharaIconRumia.png Rumia had disappeared in the Library...

Searching The Library

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn and CharaIconSistine.png Sistine head to the Library, with CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn's suspicions that a malevolent spirit could be behind CharaIconRumia.png Rumia's disappearance. As the pair roam around the Library, they question if the other person is afraid of ghosts, with both of them denying it with their respective arguments.

Shortly, they come to a halt, as CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn mentions that this is the third time they've passed through Section G-1 of the Library. He deduces that they're likely trapped in a closed loop, causing CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to panic as he pursues her to avoid more problems from being separated. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn reminds the anxious CharaIconSistine.png Sistine about the lessons on how closed loops work, which reassures her.

Illustration #1

Suddenly, books begin flying off the shelves towards the pair, as CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn grabs CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to make a run for it. Upon reaching a safe area, he remarks that they've been caught up with whatever the rumors depicted, as CharaIconSistine.png Sistine asks him to drop her from his princess carry. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn apologizes and mentally prepares himself for a lecture after they find CharaIconRumia.png Rumia.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn notices that they're now at Section H-9, meaning that this is a one-way loop instead of a two-way loop. While trying to make sense of what's happening, CharaIconSistine.png Sistine interrupts him by declaring that she saw a ghost. The pair notice the approaching silhouette, as CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn runs in the opposite direction, smacking into a bookshelf in the process.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn suggests using this as an opportunity to practice combat against spirits, and advises CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to cast Purify Light. She does so repeatedly, but nothing happens. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn takes over, only to achieve the same result from multiple attempts. He then runs in the same opposite direction again, smacking into the same bookshelf from earlier.

CharaIconSistine.png Sistine then deduces that CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn is actually afraid of ghosts, prompting his response of being a boy with a maiden's heart, much to her disgust. The ghost orders the pair to leave this place, as CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn grabs CharaIconSistine.png Sistine to run away again, as flying books pursue them.

A short distance later, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn drops CharaIconSistine.png Sistine, and begins casting his version of Extinction Ray at the ghost, with CharaIconSistine.png Sistine questioning if this is a good idea. Before he could finish, CharaIconRumia.png Rumia calls out to the pair, catching their attention as the ghost from earlier appears next to her, apologizing for his actions.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn and CharaIconSistine.png Sistine remain confused as CharaIconRumia.png Rumia hands the ghost a book that he's overjoyed to receive.

A Ghost's Story

The ghost, CharaIconWrights.png Wrights Niich, explains to the group that he was responsible for the various occurrences at the Library, as he did not want anyone to read his book that CharaIconRumia.png Rumia found. CharaIconSistine.png Sistine inquires if CharaIconWrights.png Wrights did anything to CharaIconRumia.png Rumia, who remarks that he did plan to scare her way with flying books, but she remained unafraid of him. As such, he chose to explain his situation to her, who agreed to help him in his search.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn then inquires about CharaIconWrights.png Wrights's book, who describes it as a novel. CharaIconSistine.png Sistine deduces that he must be the famous author CharaIconWrights.png Wrights, gushing at his works before cutting herself off from finishing. CharaIconWrights.png Wrights thanks her for being a fan, and clarifies that although his works were critically acclaimed, he described his past works as 'terrifying' to him.

CharaIconWrights.png Wrights explains the works he wrote during his youth usually involved an anti-social protagonist with cheat powers, who is inexplicably surrounded by a harem of cute and beautiful girls. He adds that the protagonist is so good, the slightest persuasion from him is enough to defeat the antagonist both mentally and physically, leading to nothing but praise for that character.

CharaIconWrights.png Wrights adds that this novel was supposed to have been burned, but its continued existence means that he cannot find peace, and should anyone read it, he would die of embarrassment. Despite being dead already.

CharaIconRumia.png Rumia remarks that they cannot just burn the book, with CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn agreeing, describing himself to be a scholar, and that such a book still holds value as a collector's item and/or historical reference. CharaIconSistine.png Sistine verbally blasts CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn as the person who nearly vaporized the Library.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn then hands CharaIconWrights.png Wrights a notebook from his coat, asking him to read through it. After finishing, CharaIconWrights.png Wrights drops it and calls it incredible, before passing onto the afterlife. CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn deduces that spirits trapped in the mortal world may still have lingering attachments, such that it's possible to exorcise them through conversation. He concludes that this would work as a topic for his next class.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn picks up the notebook dropped by CharaIconWrights.png Wrights, reading through it while remarking that even on a second reading, it's still terrible. He adds that the main protagonist of the story he's reading is a total Mary Sue. CharaIconRumia.png Rumia inquires what is the book about, with CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn explaining it as a notebook he found on a Library shelf during lunch break. He deduces that it's a story likely written by a female student, and something about a forbidden love with a teacher.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn begins explaining the premise, which features a main female protagonist being described as beautiful and intelligent, with many handsome guys falling for her, despite her not showing any interest in any of them. But, there's this worthless teacher who falls for her, who goes through great lengths for her when the time calls for it. The story caps off with the protagonist saying, 'Ah, I'm such a sinful woman.'

CharaIconRumia.png Rumia gleefully expresses her interest in such a fantasy romance, reminding CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn that she is a girl who has an intertest in such fantasy settings. Meanwhile, a deadly pale CharaIconSistine.png Sistine slowly wobbles towards CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn, just as he inspects the notebook for a name. He mentions the name, but gets cut off at 'Sisti-' as something knocks him out.

Rumia gleefully expresses her interest in such a fantasy romance, reminding Glenn that she is also a girl who has interest in such fantasy settings. Nearby, a deadly pale Sistine slowly wobbles over towards Glenn, as he inspects the notebook for a name. Just as he was about to mention the name, he gets cut off at 'Sisti-' as a thick book knocks him out.


Later that evening, outside the Library, CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn awakens to CharaIconCelica.png Celica's gaze, who congratulates him for a job well done while patting his head, as he shyly pushes her pats away. She adds that she'd heard from CharaIconSistine.png Sistine and CharaIconRumia.png Rumia that a book from one of the shelves knocked him out near the end, as CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn remarks that he got careless.

CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn then asks about the notebook from earlier, wondering about where it went. The two girls answer him by questioning where did such a book went, as he dropped the matter to conclude that the Library is a lair for spirits, such that it's best to not visit too often. CharaIconSistine.png Sistine agrees with an awkward laugh.

The chapter ends by mentioning a rumor about a young ghost giving a bone-chilling laughter as she wrote in a suspicious book, ending with the phrase 'A story for another time'.

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