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Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 2
ロクでなし魔術講師と追想日誌メモリーレコード 2
Volume Info
Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor
Character Cover
CharaIconRumia.png Rumia Tingel
CharaIconRe=L.png Re=L Rayford
CharaIconSistine.png Sistine Fibel
Release Date (Japanese)
April 20, 2017[1]

Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 2 (ロクでなし魔術講師と追想日誌メモリーレコード 2, Roku de Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Memorī Rekōdo 2) is the second volume of the Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor series. It features an original side story that focuses on CharaIconGlenn.png Glenn Radars.


"We had so much fun today." ~ CharaIconRumia.png Rumia Tingel.

"Right, I hope every day can be just like this." ~ CharaIconSistine.png Sistine Fibel.

"Uh-huh." ~ CharaIconRe=L.png Re=L Rayford.


リィエルのバイト生活、潜入捜査・アルベルトの七変化、システィーナの記憶喪失など、ますます混迷を極める魔術学院の日常! そして明かされる【愚者の世界】誕生秘話。書き下ろしエピソードはグレンの学生時代![4]

<To be translated>


  1. Genius Or A Fool
  2. Alzano Imperial Sorcerer Arbiter Re=L
  3. Trap-Hole Of Albert, Who Is Too Serious About His Work
  4. You And My Forget-Me-Not
  5. Two Idiots (Original Story)

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Anime (2017)

  • This volume has not been adapted in the anime.


  • This is the 1st volume that features CharaIconSistine.png Sistine Fibel, CharaIconRe=L.png Re=L Rayford and CharaIconRumia.png Rumia Tingel on the cover page.
    • This is also the 1st volume where the Original Story does not focus on its cover page characters.
  • This volume's cover page and quote is likely a reference to the events of Alzano Imperial Sorcerer Arbiter Re=L.

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Memory Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor
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