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Re=L Reyford LN

Re=L Rayford anime

Re=L Rayford manga

Re=L Rayford
リィエル=レイフォード Ryieru Reifōdo
Alias The Chariot (戦車, Sensha)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 2
Manga Volume 2, Lecture VII
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Ari Ozawa
English Leah Clark
Personal Data
Race Artificial Human
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Height 145 cm [1]
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex
Saint Lily Magic Girls' Academy (former)
Occupation(s) Student
Partner(s) Albert Frazer
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Re=L Rayford (リィエル=レイフォード, Ryieru Reifōdo) is one of the main heroines of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series. She's the operative #7 "The Chariot" of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex.


Re=L in the pod

Re=L at incubation period.

Re=L was created by Project: Revive Life developed by Researchers of Divine Wisdom's Sion Rayford and Rainer Layer, where she was designed and structured based on the genetic code of Ilushia Rayford, Sion's younger sister. However, being aware of the risk, Sion seeked help from Glenn Radars, a Imperial Court Mage Corps operative, to investigate as well as to promise the safety of both Rainer and Ilushia, which consequently led to his and Ilushia's end by his male partner.

Back in the laboratory, the copy known as Re=L was still contained and in a deep slumber. Some times after awakening, under unknown curcumstances, she joined the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Force Special Missions Annex holding position #8, "The Chariot."


Re=L anime visual

Re=L Rayford's full appearance in the anime.

In appearance, Re=L is identical to her prime source, Ilushia Rayford, except with blue eyes and hair, which she wears in a ponytail tied with a red ribbon.

As an execution officer of the mage corps, she wears a long navy blue coat with a tucked green scarf held together by a golden pin, a dark brown corset vest with golden buttons and a black and red vertical striped skirt with navy blue tights. But after becoming a student of Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, she wears the academy's girls uniform: a blue blazer with a white golden button down shirt and white and blue hemmed skirt. She also wears knee-high lace-up boots.


Re=L puts on a front of a serious and emotionless person, but in reality, she's just shy. Because of this, she alienated herself from all of the students after joining Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. But after befriending Sistine and Rumia and the rest of class 2-2 she gradually begins to open up.

Additionally, shown in her debut, she's very simple-minded when it comes to strategy. Her primary and preferred attack is to run into battle from the front. As a result, she either gets yanked by her hair or scolded by Glenn. Despite this, she's mastered sword-fighting and alchemy magic.


  • In her first appearance in Episode 4, she is used to aid the escape of Rumia, by using illusion magic to disguise herself as Rumia, in order to lead the guards away from the true Rumia. She later joins Alzano Academy, officially to protect Rumia, although she said she prefers to protect Glenn over Rumia. She was distant to her classmates, but upon eating strawberry tarts with Rumia and Sistine, she opened up. However, on the class field trip, she becomes distant again, seemingly upset at Rumia and Sistine. When Glenn confronts her, she runs away to the beach, where she meets her revived brother. Glenn then shows up, and Re=L proceeds to stab him in the back, literally, as she has decided her brother is her new reason for living. Re=L captures Rumia, at the request of her brother, and brings her to the lab they visited earlier. Glenn wins Re=L back after being healed, by proving to Re=L that her brother was not "real", when she couldn't remember his name.


  • With the chant: "I beseech creation, grant unto my hands a great blade.", a magenta magic circle will appear, which she thrusts to the ground. In the center of this circle, a large, blue sword with golden trim will rise out of the ground. This sword is almost as tall as her, adding to the image of the power she wields.


  • Her first name, Re=L, comes from "Re=L Plan", another name for Project: Revive Life while her family name adapts from Ilushia Rayford whose body she built from.
  • Her appearance is that of a 15-16 year old teenage girl, but her real age is unknown.
  • She can last three days without eating and has an enormous sweet tooth. Strawberry tarts became her favorite food at Alzano Academy.
  • She is unable to use the shock bolt chant well in its default state.
  • She believes that Glenn was her reason for living, thus becoming upset when he left the mage corps, and when she found him at Alzano Academy with other girls.
  • Her brother was also "revived", appearing at the end of Episode 7.


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