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Lake Foenheim anime

Reik Fohenheim
レイク=フォーエンハイム Reiku Fōenhaimu
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Naoki Takimura
English Jeff Johnson
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Researchers of Divine Wisdom

Reik Fohenheim (レイク=フォーエンハイム, Reiku Fōenhaimu) was a member of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom.  

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Reik is a serious man who carries out his missions to the letter. He does not appear to care for his comrades as shown when he Jin Ganis killed for both his defeat and deviation from their original mission.

He appears to give respect to those who impress as shown when he complimented Glenn on his skill recognizing he was not really a third rate mage. In his final moments, he recognized Glenn as the famous assassin and understood why he lost.

History Edit

He and Jin Ganis barge into the class revealing they are there to kidnap Rumia and threatens the class after they protest. Reik watched as Jin questions the class over what Rumia looked like until Rumia revealed herself after Jin threatened the class. Reik then ordered Jin to follow the mission after he taunts Rumia and the class. Reik stopped Rumia from further talking to her classmates and was amazed by her spirit when she glared at him before he and Jin tell the class that their teacher was killed by another one of their comrades.

While Reik takes Rumia, he reveals he is aware of her status as a princess and that her class will be taken for experiments. After Reik hands Rumia over to Huey Lysen, he realizes Jin was subdued by Glenn Radars (who was still alive). He opens a portal at the latter's location having living skeletons attack Glenn and Sistine Fibel as Jin recognizes it as Reik's spell and tells the skeletons to kill Glenn and Sistine who destroy a few of them and retreat. Reik's actions causes the skeletons to kill Jin as punishment for his defeat.

After Glenn destroyed all the skeletons, Reik confronted Glenn and Sistine with swords enchanted in magic. He remarks that Glenn was no ordinary mage as he took down two of his comrades but Glenn stated Reik killed Jin as he justified his killing of Jin since he strayed from the mission and had to be punished for his actions.

Reik watched as Glenn pushed Sistine out of the area, as he prepared to engage Reik who revealed he was aware of Glenn's The Fool's World and he knew Glenn couldn't deactivate active magic which meant his enchanted swords would be unaffected. Reik then attacked Glenn who suffered a few wounds from the strikes before trying to use a spell which Reik dispelled and tried to use it himself. However, he stopped as he realized Glenn's strategy was to get him to use a spell so he could use fool's world ands attack him with his fists. He further realized Glenn's status as an instructor was a façade and questioned his identity but after getting a vague answer, he decided to give Glenn a quick death as a form of respect.

Reik then launched his blades at Glenn who was soon stabbed multiple times, he watched as Glenn used a spell to deactivate the magic but told him it was too late. To his surprise, Sistine helped Glenn in dispelling the magic in his swords and he realized Glenn tossed her aside as a strategy to catch him off-guard. He tried to activate his swords again but Glenn used The Fool's World and stabbed Reik with one of his blades that was without magic.

Critically wounded, Reik finally recalled Glenn as the famous mage assassin The Fool before he died unable to understand his defeat.

Abilities Edit