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Sara Silvers LN

Sara Silvers anime

Sara Silvers manga

Sara Silvers
セラ=シルヴァース Sera Shiruvāsu
Alias The Empress (女帝, Jotei)
Epithet White Dog (白犬, Shiro-Inu)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 5
Manga Volume 6, Lecture XXVIII
Anime Episode 10
Voice Actors
Japanese Minako Kotobuki
English Alexis Tipton
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Female Icon Female
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex
Silvers Clan
Occupation(s) Operative
Princess of Silvers Clan(former)
Partner(s) Glenn Radars

Sara Silvers (セラ=シルヴァース, Sera Shiruvāsu) was a member of Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex who held position #3, "The Empress".


Not much is known about her past. She was very close friends with Glenn Radars, being his only reason to stay with the Imperial Mage Corps. She died due to an attack by the hands of Angel Dust addicts.


Sara was a beautiful young woman with long silver hair and distinct green eyes. She has red tattoos imprinted on her face and her left arm.

She usually wore a long green shaded dress and long green gloves that goes up to her elbow and green ribbons.


According to Glenn, she was a cheerful and ebullient person.


  • The way Glenn called her White Dog (白犬, Shiro-Inu) similar to Sistine Fibel being called White Cat (白猫, Shiro-Neko).
  • Sara Silvers ranks #3 in the first popularity poll commemorating the anime broadcast with total 21.026 votes, preceded by Rumia Tingel and Sistine Fibel.[1]


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