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Also known as "The Right Hand of Devil (魔の右手)", Sayeed is a member of Researchers of Divine Wisdom.

 Abilities Edit

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His original Magic, Japanese for Cursed Night Orchestra, English for Periode Orchestra (呪われし夜の楽奏団(ペリオーデン・オーケストラ)), is passed down from every generation in his family. It is a form of Artifact, and hence an Ancient, which is able to control memory and mind of those who listened to his Orchestra. He is seen using this Magic to control a whole group of Orchestra, making them able to play the Demonic Magic. As long as subconsciousness of victim is controlled, that will make the victim unable to use their Magic properly and if they insist to use, there is a risk that the Magic would cause chaos.

As this is a Mindl-affecting magic, physically covering ears have no effect on defending the Magic. Mind-defense magic however, will work to some extends.