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Sion Rayford anime

Sion Rayford Manga

Sion Rayford
シオン=レイフォード Shion Reifōdo
First Appearance
Anime Episode 9
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuya Eguchi
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Researchers of Divine Wisdom
Occupation(s) Alchemist

Sion Rayford (シオン=レイフォード, Shion Reifōdo) was a member of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom who completed Project:Revive Life. He is the brother of Ilushia Rayford.

Appearance Edit

Sion wore the uniform of Researchers of Divine Wisdom and had long red hair which he tied up in a pony tale.

Personality Edit

Sion cared greatly for his sister.

Background Edit

Rainer stabs Sion

Sion being stabbed by Rainer.

After completing Project:Revive Life, Sion regretted the great loss of life required for the completion of the plan and negotiated with Glenn Radars to exile Rainer Layer and his sister out of the Empire. However, he was killed by the latter, who wanted to take his place.

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