Storm Wall
Storm Wall
ストーム・ウォール Sutōmu Wōru
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 5
Anime Episode 3
Type Black Magic
Class Offensive
Range Short to Long range
Family Magic(s)
Parent Gale Blow

Storm Wall (ストーム・ウォール, Sutōmu Wōru) is a Black Magic spell created by Sistine Fibel which creates a wall of wind that continuously blows in an outward direction. It is a modified spell based on Gale Blow.


Storm Wall was created on the fly during an attack on the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy by the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. It was created according to specifications given by Glenn Radars: the resulting spell should be based on Gale Blow and have decreased power, wide range, and increased duration. Additionally, its chant structure was to be no greater than three phrases.[1]



Sistine can cast Storm Wall with the three-phrase chant "Keep them at bay, / wall of tempest, / and grant peace to those below!" (《拒み阻めよ・嵐の壁よ・その下肢に安らぎを》, Kobamihabame yo / arashi no kabe yo / sono kashi ni yasuragi wo).[1]


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