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Zelos Draghart anime

Zelos Draghart manga

Zelos Draghart
ゼーロス=ドラグハート Zērosu Doraguhādo
First Appearance
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Atsuo Hasegawa
English J. Michael Tatum
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Army
Occupation(s) General Commander of Royal Guard

Zelos Draghart (ゼーロス=ドラグハート, Zērosu Doraguhādo) is the general of Royal Guard.

Appearance Edit

Zelos is a large middle aged man with light grey hair and beard. He has a long scar across his nose.

Personality Edit

Zelos rakes his duty of being the commander of the royal guard seriously.

History Edit

His history is largely unknown, but at some point in time he entered the Royal Army becoming the commander.

Abilities Edit

It is said that he has excellent swordsmanship.

Relationships Edit